The actualized concept design is an urban-inspired street plaza, combined with organic flow elements and a standalone bowl. The visual identity and form of the skatepark takes direct inspiration from the areas unique and distinctive arctic landscape. We began tracing a smooth flowing concrete sea divided and broken by natural islands of wild grass, rock and shrubbery. In places the concretes’ up-turned surface mimics waves lapping the islands. Bordering the islands lay distinct maroon and yellow highlights akin to the traditional “rorbu" (Traditional Norwegian cabins), some of which have become disconnected and floated away into various locations across the concrete sea.

The natural islands within the skatepark subtly suggest different zones and offer natural hangout areas. They also provide necessary relief from excess groundwater creating pressure beneath the slab, as well as forming localised sound barriers around louder elements such as rails.

The elevation changes between the slabs are bridged with various stairs, banks, ledges, rails, gaps and transitions. At the parks heart is a uniquely formed bowl cast in a warm orange concrete – referencing the warm glow of the summertime midnight sun.