2017 - Activity park with plaza style skatepark and pool - Ringsaker municipality, Norway

Brumunddal skatepark forms the heart of a multi-activity recreational area at the edge of Mjøsa, Norway’s largest lake. The park incudes dance stage, basketball-court-come-ice rink, play equipment and expansive natural green spaces.

The skatepark is an all-encompassing flow-plaza made up of urban-inspired street elements such as ledges, rails & stairs blended with varying banks, transitions and level changes. Sitting atop of the plaza’s raised plateaus is a unique “mini-pool”. The Mini-Pool draws close inspiration from the backyard swimming pools of California. With feature stairs, pool coping and tile band.

Adjoining the main skatepark is a specially designed low-impact mini skatepark, for the less experienced riders. The mini skatepark features a micro-mini-ramp and soft rolling path with a playful tube to surf through.

A unique and playful feature of the plaza is the hand sculpted Troll, poking his head through the concrete for riders to do tricks over – and bounce off his shiny head.