Filipstad diy


As industrial activity grinds to a halt making way for Oslos Fjordbyen, a distinct void has appeared along the once thriving maritime hub at Filipstad. The future development aims to “open up the city to its fjord” with a focus on public spaces and recreation. The focus on public space and recreation also extends to the areas interim use. An initiative led by Oslo Havn aims to provide a free and open space for outdoor recreation at Filipstadkaia.

Given the temporality of the space and considering its varied neighbouring activities, the concept of an organic “skate spot” was conceived. In contrast to the somewhat rigidity of the neighbouring Skur 13 Skate-hall, we drew inspiration from raw street spots and the unique way in which skaters interact with them.

In keeping with the raw, post industrial vernacular of the area – as well as the spots relatively short projected lifespan - there has been a focus on repurposed and reclaimed materials. Granite, steel and concrete from across the city make up the quarterpipes, rails, ledges and stairs that sit onsite today.

To furthermore increase the interest of this spot, eight original slabs from London’s infamous ‘Southbank’ skate spot were transported to Oslo in 2019 to coincide with the Oslo architecture Triennale. Gifted to Betongpark and the city of Oslo during Southbanks’ recent redevelopment the slabs now sit within a replica ‘Southbank’ bank for all of Oslo to enjoy.