HAMAR railway museum

ongoing - Concept activity park design - Hamar, Norway

The Norwegian Railway Museum was established in Hamar in 1896. The museum includes outdoor and indoor exhibits as well as a library and archives for pictures, film and music from the Norwegian railway history.

The Norwegian Railway Directorate also manages the park area between the museum buildings and the beach at Lake Mjøsa. Railway tracks divide the open grass lawn between the water and the museum buildings, and the area is interspersed with tall pine trees and historical station buildings.

Betongpark have been commissioned to explore the future of the outdoor site as an activity and science park. Our proposal is to create a generational meeting point, one where families can spend an entire day traversing various activity areas.  Our concept is built around exploration routes where users will discover pockets of activity, play, seating and socialising. We have included zones for rolling activities, science games, parkour and a balance garden. The park will be an integrated part of the museum and will draw inspiration from railway-related sources.