ongoing - School yard and skate plaza - Gjøklep middle school, Holmerstrand, Norway

Yet to be realised, Betongpark was tasked with creating a concept design for a new active school yard at Gjøklep Middle School in Holmestrand, Norway. The design should maximise open spaces in order to accommodate the entire school population during peak times, yet also fulfil it’s function as an activity park for the entire community out of school hours – serving as the areas  sole facility for skateboarding and other urban pursuits.

A central axis flows through two abstract green spaces creating a large walkway for children to easily move between classrooms, as well as acting as a skate-able path. The urban inspired concept is a myriad of features such as; balance garden, basketball court, amphitheatre seating, fitness and training areas, and a semi-sheltered integrated skatepark.

As well as activity the site is filled with new tree planting and numerous groups of seating for small clusters of friends to meet In the dappled light of the summer shade.