2019 - City skatepark - kragerø, norway

The city of Kragerø lies furthest south in the county of Telemark, Norway. The skatepark is situated on the site of its old wooden predecessor and was completed in the later stages of 2019.

The designs visual identity takes inspiration from celebrated Norwegian Artist Edvard Munch’s painting, Sølen. Sølen was painted just meters away from the site of the skatepark, and features a dramatic landscape splattered with warm hues of red and orange emitted from an ominous sun. A large, circular pad in the skatepark represents the sun with coloured steel highlights mimicking its golden rays across the park.

The pure park format of this facility takes inspiration from real street obstacles as well as more traditional skatepark elements. The park has many different sections that can be skated separately at peak times. However, the design allows for a truly unique and all-encompassing flow experience.