2020 - Activity park with skatepark and pump track - Krøderen, Krødsherad, Norway

Krøderen is a small village sitting on the edge of where Snarumselva drains out of the south end of lake Krøderen. The activity park is situated at the north west of the main sport complex in the town.

Due to be completed in 2020, the activity park is a place for all ages and abilities, acting as a year-round refuge for fitness and extreme sports enthusiasts in the local area. The park contains a skatepark, pump track, parkour area, calisthenics equipment, covered hangouts, dance stage and jib hill for winter sports.

Acting as one of the activity parks main features the hybrid street-transition skatepark combines multiple disciplines into one fun, accessible and user friendly skatepark. Made up of two combined sections the park features a low level open bowl with mini ramp section and extended bowl corner, as well as two “free lunch” hips allowing for exhilarating entry and exit. The second section is an elevated street plaza incorporating a myriad of real street obstacles into a park setting, such as; rails, stairs, pole-jam ,banks, ledges and wall-rides. An additional wooden mini ramp has been designed to allow an extra space for beginners and experts alike to practice their transition skating.