lillestrøm plaza


Lillestrøm’s Rådhusparken runs along the river Nitelva. Betongpark was involved in an early pre-project lead by Link Arkitektur to revitalize and activate the space, the skatepark becoming the first part of the plan to be realised.

The design brief was to create a spacious skate-plaza, and create an urban inspired environment is this suburban community. Through contrasting use of pigmented black and natural coloured concrete we created an oversized checkerboard pattern across the skate-plaza – in keeping with various art installations across the surrounding park. The linear black and grey expanse is then dotted with playful, round, red pigmented chips. These chips make up a bump, a pad, and a unique extended dish feature. The last details of the skatepark are made up of locally sourced and sculpted, Larkvikit Granite and smooth black steel.
The concrete plaza wraps around a large green island, acting as a soft oasis that contrasts the dense materials of the skatepark. It is our design ethos to not place excessive concrete without it serving a functional purpose, and more so actively design in green spaces within our skateparks.
In this project we worked closely with ÅF lighting to create an exceptional lighting system for the skatepark. Ambient lighting illuminates the skatepark during hours of darkness, which highlights the skateparks contours and sculptural form. While in hours of use riders can illuminate the space with fully functional floodlighting, via a timer controlled button.